When many think of a wreath, the first thought that comes into their mind is a Christmas wreath. Usually a festive and fragrant balsam adorned with pine cones, berries and a red bow. These wreaths are ready to hang on the door to greet holiday visitors. For these people christmas wreaths have a special meaning during the holiday season. The circular shape of the wreath has no beginning or end, representing the eternity of God and His love. Because most Christmas wreaths are traditionally constructed from evergreen boughs, it’s thought that this symbolizes everlasting life. Of course, wreaths are given and placed at different times of the year, not just Christmas. Many wreaths are placed in various cemeteries during Memorial Day, honoring the veterans who unselfishly gave their lives for their country.

Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most well known cemeteries where many of the countries hero’s are buried. Here, in this cemetery, the beginning of a special tradition that continues to grow more each year got its start. In 1992, the Worcester Wreath Company began a special tradition of laying wreaths on veteran’s memorial sites. Because of this kind gesture, they became known as the Founders of Wreaths Across America. This touching tribute to the nation’s heroes, ensuring they are not forgotten for the sacrifices they made, has grown bigger than ever imagined with wreath laying ceremonies at over 800 cemeteries stateside and even 24 veteran’s cemeteries overseas.

By following through with this commitment to honor the veterans, those at Worcester Wreath have a goal to help others Remember, Honor and Teach. Sadly, as time passes history tends to fade away and become removed and unrelated for the younger generation. By ensuring the continuation of this program, those at WorcesterWreath.com are confident that the younger generation will Remember the veterans, what they stood for, and what they fought for so many years ago. In doing this, they are able to show Honor to those who serve, have served ,and made sacrifices for their country. Last of all, their goal is to Teach the younger generation where their freedom came from and what was sacrificed and lost in order to gain this freedom. In educating the younger generation, it is hoped that this fight for freedom will never be forgotten and freedom will always valued be as a precious gift, not a right.

When looking at gorgeous wreaths over the holiday season or anytime, always remember the true meaning the wreath symbolizes, and realize what another may have given up for freedom today.